Hypomanic Fallout

Depression is terrible for those of us who suffer from bipolar disorder–in the bed, brain bleeding black ink, blood pulsing thick as peanut butter through your veins.  But it’s nothing compared to the horrors of hypomania.

Sure, it’s fun when it’s happening and you’re caught up in the rush of whatever your amped-up brain is driving you to do, but afterwards–the damage to you bank account, your arrest record, your relationships with other people–there lies the absolute horror of the disease.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a place where people can describe what they did during hypomanic episodes, what the fallout was, and how they managed the consequences.  It’s so scary to lose yourself as you are at the mercy of your malfunctioning brain, which is causing you to become someone you are not.  And it’s so hard to find anything online from US, the bipolars who live through it.  I personally have been to hell and back many times with this disorder.  I know first hand that it’s easy to find things from boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses, and family members, but almost impossible to find support from someone like myself.

So there is the crux of it; if I can help just one person with the hell of bipolar hypomania, then what my loved ones and I have suffered will be worth it.  I invite you to think deeply, to meander….


1 thought on “Hypomanic Fallout

  1. Wow.. I could not agree more with the comments about not being able to find anything on the net about what these experiences feel like.. Those of us with loved ones who suffer from this disorder, and have been devestated by thier actions, have so many questions. I have been told by docs, and those afflicted with the disorder, that the urges are irresistable. What does that feel like? Is there a desire to stop it when its happening? Is there guilt afterwards that causes a bout of depression? Are there thoughts of the impact on family, job… etc before the episode, during, after?? Is it Jekyll and Hyde?? does a different person come out??

    I sincerely hope other people who suffer with bipolar join in this discussion to help each other, and those of us… the loved ones, that have experienced what this awful disease does. Please help us separate the destructive hypomanic behaviors from who we think the person really is inside

    My compliments to whoever started this, it must take tremendous courage.

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